What’s in a Name: Making “Art Yarn” into “Wearable Art”

 All Rights Reserved Laura dell'Erba

“Art Yarns” by Laura dell’Erba

 All Rights Reserved Laura dell'Erba

 All Rights Reserved Laura dell'Erba

Art yarn with netting, silk and other recycled materials incorporated, click on the photo to read the artist’s blog post.

A confession: I have never spun any “Art Yarn”…

But, it’s beautiful stuff to look at isn’t it! I was inspired by the images of Laura dell’Erba’s work as posted at one of my favorite Italian e-shops, The Wool Box. They’re hosting an Art Yarn Workshop this May on the 25th and 26th and it looks really fabulous. I wish I knew how to spin on a wheel (sigh), and solar dye, and eco-print…it’s wonderful that life is so rich with things still to learn!

But, just because I don’t know how to make it, yet…it doesn’t mean that I can’t use it. So, I went searching for projects and advice and found some good stuff:

With complex yarn, it’s worth it to knit something simple and knit viktim did just that with a super simple garter stitch cowl that shows off the yarn:

And here is fiber artist Bobbie Casey’s fabulous “Magnolia Bag” for which she has posted an excellent tutorial. (Stop and take a look at her “Magnolia Shawl” as well)!

All rights reserved copyright Bobbie Casey

Bobbie Casey’s Magnolia Bag


Or one can, like this ETSY designer, simply wear it…

Art Yarn Necklace by Knits by Vara

So go ahead and spin out of control and make some art yarn! Or, if you don’t spin you can still enjoy these amazing art works by transforming them into something just perfect for you.


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