Winter Wrap-up: making room for spring (part one)!


One down, two to go…

Okay, I’ve finally started to wind down my winter projects. You know those things that we started with good intentions in the fall, thinking we’d be wearing them by December and which spring finds still in the workbasket (and in the other workbasket, and in that cute little paper shopping bag all crowded around the most comfortable knitting chair)? I have three of those that have been on my ‘must finish before it gets warm’ list, how about you?

The first, pictured above, I finished this weekend (YAY!). It’s made with a lovely pink Italian wool that was produced to support women’s breast cancer associations in Europe. You can read about this wonderful project in English and order wool or find out where to buy it HERE.
It’s a classic worsted that is 10 wpi and works up perfectly on U.S. #8 (5mm) needles. I ordered two balls of this wool (50g = 85m) from The Wool Box in January because my daughter, after seeing the fingerless gloves I’d made my husband for Christmas, was bound and determined to have some too. Of course, she wanted pink!

Robin Kay

“I think they’ll want to see the gloves too,” she says.

My girl is just about to turn 6 next week so the gloves went quick and I had an entire ball of pink wool left over; so I asked her, “Hat or scarf?” She requested something in-between, what the italians call a fascia and what I’d call an ‘ear warmer’. Since she has plenty of hats and scarves, the project sat in the basket while I toyed with the idea of adapting a helix scarf and adding cables to make it coordinate with the gloves. Then I got lucky, while browsing Purl Bee for patterns, I fell in love with this mini-herringbone stitch! So easy (once you get the hang of it) and very adaptable. A little graph paper and a few swatches later, I had adapted the design for Robin Kay’s ear warmer.

Here she is, holding up her hand at the last minute to show you all the gloves. At least for this winter wrap-up project it’s still cold enough here in Northern Lombardy for her to wear it to school almost every day. I’ve been impressed that, despite her incredibly sensitive skin and the fact that this is not an extra-fine merino – just plain ol’ virgin wool, she’s never been irritated or itchy; not even the insides of her wrists or the nape of her neck. Not only that, the wool gets softer with every wash. I love (real) Italian wool.

Coming soon…I’ll finally be finishing that cardigan that’s been in my workbasket for the last 3 years! Or or maybe it will be the second sock of the new pair for my husband…the project in that cute shopping bag?


4 thoughts on “Winter Wrap-up: making room for spring (part one)!

  1. What a beautiful color and stitch. I feel inspired to knit something. I gave away a huge yarn stash when I left editing at Vogue Knitting…I gave it to 2 schools here in NYC…and now I’m going to do something sweet. Thanks for the inspiration and what a lovely blog!

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