Red Letter Days


“Mamma spindle and Baby spindle” as my daughter calls them. Red is her favorite color so I ordered this fluff to make her a sweater, hopefully she’ll help me spin it!

Another year another spindle

I’ve had quite a few red letter days in the last two weeks; even amidst the chaos of single-momming while my husband works in another city and the ‘real-job’ projects keep coming in…my daughter’s 6th birthday celebrated twice last week, once at home and once with her school friends! Above is the spindle that I made for her (she asked for a smaller, lighter one than mine which is to the left). Then we went to Venice to see my husband who has been working there for the last three weeks. I was bummed that Lellabella was closed, I had wanted to explore, but happy that the sun came out for the few hours we were there and that the city was its usual, glorious self.

Robin and her Dad sketching the Bacino di San Marco.

Robin and her Dad sketching the Bacino di San Marco.

The Zen of Spindles

Then the night after I got a really sore throat and it went down hill from there! We got home and I fell into bed, just now feeling better and finally finished with the big editing project I had to complete this week! Sigh. What to do to make my head stop spinning with misplaced comma’s and typo’s? Why not try out that new red fluff that came right before we left? Spinning is so calming and I was amazed with how thin of a single I was able to get from this English wool (processed here with Italian expertise). Without waiting to wet-set this tiny first test-bit, I just knit some up to see how the color would look…WOW! Everything I’ve ordered from The Wool Box so far has been so great that it’s hard not to want to try everything!

Carded English Wool, color: AMARANTO (it comes in Raspberry/LAMPONE as well).

They call this “carded English wool” and the color is AMARANTO (it comes in Raspberry/LAMPONE as well). I knitted it up on 8s (6mm) and found it springy, lofty, and soft. It will be the perfect thing for my girl’s new winter sweater!


3 thoughts on “Red Letter Days

  1. Glad you are feeling better! The red looks good enough to eat! Tell me about the spindle you made for Robin. I was wondering if she got one…..

    • Well, we live in the provinces so there’s nothing like a ‘home depot’ or a ‘michael’s’, so finding that elusive ‘toy wheel’ never happened. What i did finally find was low-profile, beechwood, pyramid shaped plaque meant for the top of a pilaster. There was only one so I snatched it up along with an 8mm dowel and a pack of cup hooks and then got my sweetheart of the steady hand and drill kit to make the hole in the right place…e voila! “Baby Spindle” was born. The fluff is GORGEOUS and cheap I’m glad that I ordered a kilo!

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