Springing Towards Summer

Robin's Striped Hetty - I hope it still fits her in the Autumn!

Robin’s Striped Hetty – I hope it still fits her in the Autumn!

Striping it up!

Although I finished this a few weeks ago it was a job to get my girl to model it. She loves the top but, as evidenced by the day lily in her hair, summer weather has finally arrived in northern Italy and all she want’s to wear right now are sleeveless tank-tops. Then there was getting her to stop ‘modeling’; it’s hard not to laugh when she arches her eyebrows and puts her hand on her hip! Meanwhile, I did love Sarah Wright’s pattern, which was a good size for my 6-year-old. One of the advantages of top-down patterns for kids is that, If she get’s any taller, I can always pick up the bottom stitches and keep going. The decision to make stripes was inspired by Jenjoyce Designs’ Pin-Striped Sweater Tees (which I’m happy to say now has a pattern available). Over all I’m happy with how it came out, I’m only a tiny bit disappointed at how evident the increases are below the blue stripe at the waist although that’s due to the smoothness of the yarn rather than any problem with the pattern.

Coming to terms with super soft…once again

It is really, wonderfully soft. Even though this is super wash, I’ve had such bad luck with this yarn pilling (and I’m not the only one), that I’m going to keep washing by hand in cold to see if that helps. A polar opposite of the Morron Bouton that I used to make my husband’s Workman’s Gloves and Hybrid Highland Hose, I can’t recommend Lana Gatto Super Soft for anything you want to keep for a long time or that has to take wear and tear (i.e. forget it for aran sweaters or socks); although it’s not a heritage knitting yarn, it’s a fine choice for fun-colored, low-wear accessories, children’s or infant patterns that are fast to knit up and that only need to look good for a single season.

Robin's Striped Hetty in Process and Complete.

Robin’s Striped Hetty in Process and Complete.


5 thoughts on “Springing Towards Summer

  1. i love the colors! did you ever check out phildar, a french company, they often have fun ideas for sweaters and their yarn holds really well.

    • I was just looking at phildar for patterns on-line the other day. I’m hooked on The Wool Box yarns at the moment but I liked what I saw on the Phildar website so I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if any of the local yarn shops carry it :).

  2. Super uber cute !!!! Omg… Colors are so perf, the wee ruffle is adorable. So, this is so amazing that now I am inspired again by you 🙂
    Seriously though, the two-row striping (which I call ‘candy striping’, which is obviously different from the pin-striping as I call it) was my next Autumn project for my nieces (whom I knit a sweater for every vernal and autumnal equinox !!!) I was thinking for my 10yr old niece two greens, and so I will appear alike this one. I love knitting stripes for kids !

      • Yes , they are lovely, and I have photos of them back to 2010 on the page ‘my own’… you can really see how they’ve grown. I hope to see your daughter grow through ‘sweater snapshots’ 🙂

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