Non solo indaco : Not just indigo

Not just…

Here in Italy there are lots of shops that have names beginning with NON SOLO…! Just down the street is NON SOLO PANE! (not just bread!) and at the town up the road NON SOLO STAMPA! (not just prints!) – you get the picture. My husband and I always get a laugh thinking about what else it is you might find in that shop or restaurant…perhaps a bakery full of dictionaries or a printshop with a cold case full of fresh octopi?

Being green

Meanwhile, so that you all know, I’m not just crazy for indigo! I’ve been tending a friend’s garden while she’s on vacation and the greens are seductively lush:

Zucchini and Bay from my friend's garden, a celebration of green.

Zucchini and Bay Laurel from my friend’s garden, a celebration of green.

Hot tomatoes

I love the greens but more entrancing still are all the different colors of orange and red from tomatoes (all different breeds, shapes and sizes) in addition to a wonderful pumpkin and a few grapefruit that came from the Mange Bio store (those are meant to be marmalade!). I’ve made more different kinds of tomato soup that I’ve ever tried before – highly reccomended: The Joy of Cooking’s Tuscan Bread Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro). I don’t find their recipe on line but if you don’t have a copy of what we tell Italians is the “American Artusi“, this one seems to come pretty close. Meanwhile, look at these beautiful warm tones:

A luscious range of red to orange...more soup to be made!

A luscious range of red to orange…more soup to be made!

So, I guess I can say that this blog is NON SOLO LANA! Maybe you came looking for wool and found vegetables…there will be plenty of wool later after the indigo workshop. Meanwhile I’ll be winging my way back to Texas for a few weeks and then we’ll see what colors and wool news I bring back (for sure my Mother has already bought me the latest issue of Knitting Traditions which I can’t wait to leaf through) and maybe something worth bringing back from the new Tinsmith’s Wife in comfort?

Back soon and happy summer!


2 thoughts on “Non solo indaco : Not just indigo

  1. A very late reply, but I was ‘reading the blogs’ this morning and started with yours. I love, love,love the photos, you are an expert! I have the Joy Of Cooking, and will look for the recipe ! xx

    • Glad you like the photos :). I’m a late blogger of late, came back from Texas with a full load of work to get going on and I’m still going…I have some lovely pictures from the indigo workshop and I’m hoping to get them out (along with a blog) sometime this week! I’m so looking forward to seeing those lovely cardigan’s your making when they’re finished. A presto!

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