Fiber Arts Workshops in Italy

NEW! Art Yarn spinning workshop near Biella in Piedmont – May 25th and 26th

Translated from The Wool Box’s “Art Yarn Workshop”*

Each one of us has a talents, often latent ones that are just waiting for an opportune moment, unknown to us, to develop and be expressed. Not everyone has the good fortune to have found themselves in the right place at the right time and so have not yet been able to discover what they can become, their potential a tight skein waiting to be unwound. Creating with our hands means taking time to master the gestures and often it’s difficult to find the kind of teacher who knows not only the techniques (although often even this is not easy) but also how to guide us in such a way that we can connect with our natural creativity, releasing the hidden seeds of talent that lie dormant within.

We don’t know if our instructor, Laura dell’Erba, has ever experienced these difficulties but the international spinning community acknowledges her unparalleled ability to fearlessly interpret the art of spinning on many levels.

Laura’s Art Yarns, spun from the threads of her imagination, express an enviable inventiveness that she will also bring to the art of instruction as she teaches us how to create these yarns. Surprising themes thread their way into her work: contamination and recycling are central elements which are dynamically combined with natural materials in such a way that non-organic threads/tapes/wires/fibers destined for oblivion find new life in her creations. Tradition is reinterpreted, color rediscovered within this contemporary art form. Were you to take a fragment of a work by Damien Hirst and look at it next to one of dell’Erba’s creations it’s difficult to tell who has inspired who. We’re looking forward to asking her; to us she’s nothing less than a world-class artist who’s not yet aware that she is one.

And so, before her success goes to her head, we can still ask her to come teach us how to spin these extraordinary yarns. You’ll bring your imagination and inventiveness along with your spinning wheel and she’ll be there to guide you with her technical expertise, knowledge and intuition.

This opportunity is available on the weekend of May 25th-26th, 2013. In total a 13 hour seminar over the course of two days to be held in an enchanting location.

You’ll be learning how to:

1. Prepare fiber to create Art Yarns;

2. Do core spinning, auto wrapping and candy stripes;

3. Ply (including ply chain and Navaho plying among others)

4. Prepare unique yarns with the addition of beads, buttons, pompons, strips of recycled materials, other yarns and fibers;

5. Stabilize or set these yarns to make them workable.

Participants are requested to bring an inquisitive mind ready to be guided into new territory. What do you think? Let’s spin!

We’ll be expecting you on Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th of May or, if you don’t have time but don’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity, you can take the ‘Saturday Only’ workshop.

The two-day workshop is available for only 120 euro and the one-day workshop for 60 euro. If you’d like to participate or want more information. Contact The Wool Box at they’ll be able to read your e-mail and respond in English even though the site is in Italian.

If you want more information but prefer to get it all in English, just write to me at:

Hope you decide to go and enjoy, meanwhile happy wool-working!


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