Glorious Green…only a few more days

It’s Green Week at the Wool Box!

Glorious Green

I’ve mentioned before that one of the inspirations for my blog was a wonderful non-profit Italian wool cooperative. They gather raw wool from small producers all over Italy and then process it ENTIRELY in Italy under the supervision of the Textile and Health Association so you know that no dyes with Chrome or other toxic mordants have been used, nothing scary has been put in to wash it, and best of all, wool that might have been discarded by small producers is being made into lovely, high-quality yarn that you can buy direct from the cooperative (and they offer quantity discounts). The only downside for english-speaking yarnies, is that the website is all in Italian. Don’t let that stop you! If you have questions or want to order. Send an e-mail to in English and they’ll be able to help you.

Meanwhile, for this week only they’re having a sale on Green! I’ve translated a selection from their latest blog entry, look for the links to go to the Wool Box site and see great photos of the yarns on offer:

Right now it’s shearing time in Italy and so we often have the welcome presence of the woolgrowers themselves in our offices. They ask us about the market for their products: “How do people find our wool? Do they like it? Do they use it?” are what they most want to know.

So, following on the success of “Blue Week”, we’re now offering “Green Week” – 7 days of great prices on all of our green yarn.

Green…as the pastures abundantly watered by heavy rains this month (here come the old adages – but they endure for a reason); as green as hope for which, especially in these uncertain times, we feel the absolute necessity; as green as the future that together we can help by supporting good practices, and production with a reduced environmental impact.

To “Green Week” we want to combine last week’s proposal, “We are all ambassadors” so, with a volume purchase combined with the wonderful price for everything ‘green’ the savings could be quite impressive and the “so many friends, so much savings” does not refer only to a single color, so “Green Week” savings can be combined with the purchase of additional products in other colors to create the quantity needed to receive the additional discount.

Yarn (price per 100g skein)

>5 kg

>10 kg

Oropa  €     6.50  €     6.10
Bose  €     6.90  €     6.50
Verbania  €     6.90  €     6.50

If you like green and your friends like blue, or cream, or orange…place a group order and ‘shear’ the price.

So, order green Oropa(verdone) for projects that need adequate body and structure, green Verbania for outerwear that gets heavy use, bags, slippers and it’s ideal for weaving, green Bose for projects that need a soft, lofty, light touch…all of these of course are from local, Italian producers. The wool processing takes place entirely in Italy from start to finish and is 100% traceable and controlled by the Italian Textile and Health Association which does not allow the use of any chemicals that might be hazardous to your health in any stage of wool processing.

Ah yes, the price: only 7,00 € per skein for each type of green yarn but only for this week.

Haven’t decided yet? What’s in your work-basket?

Happy wool-working to everybody!

I can personally recommend the Bose as an exceptional yarn, I used it to make my favorite hat and am looking forward to using it for that next cardigan project…Really, if you love working with wool, give the Wool Box a try and I’m sure that you’ll love it.